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Description: Nominated for the Edgar Award for Best Novel, from Norway’s #1 bestselling female crime writer-set in an isolated hotel where guests stranded during a monumental snowstorm begin turning up dead.

A train on its way to the northern reaches of Norway derails during a massive blizzard, 1,222 meters above sea level. The passengers head for a nearby hotel, centuries old and practically empty. With plenty of food and shelter from the storm, the evacuees think they are safe, until one of them turns up dead.

With no sign of rescue and the storm raging, retired police inspector Hanne Wilhelmsen is asked to investigate. Paralyzed by a bullet lodged in her spine, Hanne has no desire to get involved. But when another body turns up, panic takes over. Complicating things is the presence of a mysterious guest, a passenger who traveled in a private rail car and now stays secluded on the top floor of the hotel. No one knows who the guest is, or why armed guards are needed. Hanne has her suspicions. Trapped in her wheelchair, trapped by the storm, and now trapped with a killer, Hanne knows she must act before the killer strikes again.

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Author: Holt, Anne

Binding: Paperback

Condition: Used Like New

Genre: Thriller/Suspense

Page Count: 313

Series: Hanne Wilhelmsen

Volume #: 8

Publisher: Scribner

Publication Year: 1992

ISBN: 9781451634723

1 in stock

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