Our Story

The view of Beast’s library in the celebrated Disney Movie Beauty and the Beast is a picture forever etched in the memory of Sabreena Anowar, who is the co-owner of Sabu’s Books! She admits that she never recovered from the sheer awe she felt at the first glimpse of the wall-to-wall and ceiling-to-floor books, and it instantly became a bucket list item! However, LIFE HAPPENED! Though the dream remained intact, manifesting itself through her rather unbridled book shopping sprees, achieving it seemed a distant reality. Then, LIFE BROUGHT her TO COLUMBIA, MISSOURI, and boom! the pandemic hit! When the world around her was falling apart and crumbling to pieces, she took refuge in buying and reading books! Little did she know that her obsessive purchasing of books during the pandemic time was laying the groundwork for the seed of SABU’S BOOKS to germinate! It may not be as pompous as that of the library of the Beast but is certainly a humble baby step towards making Sabreena’s childhood dream a reality!

Our Belief

We truly think that everyone should have unrestricted access to literature; it is the right and responsibility of the individual, as well as that of their parents, to select the books they want to read and purchase.

Our Vision

We live in a technology driven (or obsessed?) society where physical books are sadly on the verge of becoming an obsolete concept; a dying entity under the constant threat of being replaced by portable digital forms! However, the thrill of holding a printed book in one’s hand, the excitement of inhaling the scent of a printed book and hearing the rustling sound of the turning pages of a printed book is magical, and uniquely appealing. Hence, printed books are irreplaceable. Call us nostalgic, but here at Sabu’s Books, we hope to keep the joy of printed books alive.

Our Mission

We are a minority and women owned independent bookshop committed to offering a quality selection of affordable bargain books for customers of all ages. While we do not have room for every book on our shelves, we aspire to get almost any book for customers and will do so, if it’s available, when requested.

We seek to share our love of reading to help create and sustain a community of lifelong readers.

We hope to strive to contribute to the cultural life of our vibrant Columbia community by hosting author events, serving as a gathering place for book clubs and fellow book enthusiasts, organizing events to promote community cohesion, being an ongoing voice for literacy and awareness, and providing a hospitable and nurturing environment to encourage the healthy exchange of ideas.